The Mighty Phyiist (inspired by Jeff “Tain” Watts)

The whole idea of Rhythm Gods came from Jeff “Tain” Watts. In the early 90′s I had the privilege to meet and spend some time with Brandford Marsalis. Later during the concert at Kinsgbury Hall I had the chance to exspirience the The Brandford Marsalis Trio that included Robert Hurst and Jeff Watts. It was that memory that stayed with me. When I began to musically visualize The Ceruladons, the first thing that popped inside my head was Jeff “Tain” Watts. He carries the first vein of rhythm to my series and this is because Branford was kind enough to talk with me and encourage me when I needed it the most. Thanks again B :)

Jeff is beautiful in his muscianship and as a human being. If you get the chance to hear him play LIVE you should jump at the opportunity. Until then check out his MUSIC.


With great pleasure I present to you the original CERULADONS Rhythm God: Phyiist (inspired by Jeff “Tain”Watts)

Characters created by Sam Cosby are based solely on the individual’s creativity and music ability. It is not intended to create a divergence from the inspireds financial gain, marketing capability or ability. It is in no way a representation of the individuals’ personal lifestyle, religious orientation, or political beliefs.

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