Philanges (inspired by David “Fingers” Haynes)

I was on one of my all day and night stints of writing music and conceptualizing stories with maybe four hours of sleep. Wanting to listen and watch drummers I took a break and discovered David Haynes on youtube. I had never seen anyone play a drum machine and sound like they were live on a drum kit. So here is this guy who clearly can play an acoustic drum set and he can switch over and wreak havoc on a drum machine? I watched all of his videos and after doing some research I decided to get in touch. I’m glad I did. After talking a few times he recorded the drum track for the main theme for my series THE CERULADONS. David is a very blessed and humble human being. I am very lucky to know him and thankful to have him as a friend. His musical journey should not go unrecognized.

I’d like to introduce you to my second Rhythm God and CERULADONS character:

Philanges (inspired by David Haynes)

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Characters created by Sam Cosby are based solely on the individual’s creativity and music ability. It is not intended to create a divergence from the inspireds financial gain, marketing capability or ability. It is in no way a representation of the individuals’ personal lifestyle, religious orientation, or political beliefs.

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