Oriys Seethe (inspired by Kenny Muhammad)


When I first heard Kenny Muhammad I was deeply encouraged. What I saw and felt was massive. He gave that “I can do anything feeling”. Kenny is well known for using the “wind technique” while beatboxing. Later I began envisioning a character and creating what if’s with him in mind. The character inspired by Kenny doesn’t command his troops from a safe vantage point but chooses to orchestrate their movements in the center of battle but never lifting a hand to fight. So far this has been the most difficult character to name and develop. I came up with several names but when I watched his video again I knew I had to get back work. Please feel free to check the videos and sites below.

I’d like to introduce you to my third Rhythm God and CERULADONS character:
Oriys Seethe (inspired by Kenny Muhammad)


Characters created by Sam Cosby are based solely on the individual’s creativity and music ability. It is not intended to create a divergence from the inspireds financial gain, marketing capability or ability. It is in no way a representation of the individuals’ personal lifestyle, religious orientation, or political beliefs.

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