Dkuun Khg (inspired by Elvin Jones 1927–2004)


Elvin Jones, Larz Cosby, Sam Cosby

Elvin Jones, Larz Cosby, Sam Cosby

Elvin Jones, Larz Cosby and Sam Cosby Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival 1994

I had opportunity to meet and talk with Elvin while attending The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in 1994. I had previously listened to his recordings and watch footage of him playing with John Coltrane. I knew of his importance musically. During his drum clinic he took a liking to my son and I. After we talked for a time and later that evening at the concert spoke again. He encouraged me and talked about the importance of good timing. “Timing is everything. So work on your time.” he said. As a bassist I’ve always found it wise to try and learn from people who play other instruments. I never thought it was wise to just run to the bass player because I play bass. I didn’t know this way of thinking was putting me on the path to where I am now and where I am going. In my series, The CERULADONS, the battles are massive. Taking over planets is no easy task and there must be some form of orchestration to obtain that goal.
Here is a example of how rhythm was used in the civil war.

Now lets observe a more advanced progressive approach to moving troops and winning battles.

I’d like to introduce you to my first Rhythm God and CERULADONS charatcer:

Dkuun Khg (inspired by Elvin Jones September 9, 1927 – May 18, 2004)

Elvin Jones Drum Solo Demonstration


Max Roach Art blakey Elvin Jones:the BATTLE!!!

The Capitol Vaults Jazz Series



Characters created by Sam Cosby are based solely on the individual’s creativity and music ability. It is not intended to create a divergence from the inspireds financial gain, marketing capability or ability. It is in no way a representation of the individuals’ personal lifestyle, religious orientation, or political beliefs.

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