Ceruladon Characters

For the past 11 years I have been developing the concept of the Ceruladons. Though it is changed from a children’s series to a young adult/adult series I have constantly created new characters to fit within its ever-growing storyline.

In 2006 the Adventures of Larz and Ellis Beetle became the Ceruladons. The Ceruladons not only encompasses the Adventures of Larz and Ellis Beetle but extends itself into a more vast universe. Since that time there has been close to 100 characters created. Some of which, are inspired by real people.

Rthyhm Gods

Dkuun Khg inspired by Elvin Jones 1927–2004

Gutis Migi (inspired by Chris “Daddy” Dave)

Oriys Seethe (inspired by Kenny Muhammad)

Philanges (inspired by David “Fingers” Haynes)

The Mighty Phyiist (inspired by Jeff “Tain” Watts)

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