Press Release: Utah based Ellisbeetle Entertainment now an Indie Record Label

Press Release: Ellisbeetle Entertainment



Michelle Gaillard


Utah based Ellisbeetle Entertainment now an Indie Record Label

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (February 16, 2013) – In 2008, Ellisbeetle Entertainment was created to house and administer the intellectual property of Sam Cosby’s creations, which include music composition, books and audiobooks.

Ellisbeetle Entertainment has since grown and is instrumental in shaping individuals to become their own brand underneath the umbrella of the company. The company’s capabilities now include record label, book and audio book publishing, music and audio book distribution, record promotions, artist management/consultation, tour management/consultation, and event management.

Ellisbeetle Entertainments roster includes:

Sam  Cosby: Musician, Composer, Lyricist, Author, Content creator, Artist consultant, PR consultant, Artist manager, Music and book production, Producer, Design and marketing, and Tour manager.

Michelle Gaillard: Event coordinator, PR consultant, Photographer, Artist consultant, Personal assistant, Co-author, Music and book production, Design and marketing, Content creator, and Co-owner of Literature Aloud.

Leo “The Lion” Brown: Music Business Consultant, Artist manager, Marketing & promotions, Tour manager, DJ, Event Coordinator, Record promotions, PR consultant,  Freelance Writer, and Distribution consultant.

Ron “Philasifer” Johnson: Actor, Emcee, Musician, Producer, Writer, Voice-actor, Artist, Composer, and Lyricist.

Katie Benns: Audio book producer, Voice-actor, and Co-owner of Literature Aloud.

Elliott Davis: Musician, Artist, Composer, Producer, and Lyricist.

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