Reaction to new allegations of alleged discrimination at Alta High School

The recent events at Alta High school which have affected my son, the parents, faculty and students are unfortunate. What is more unfortunate is the discovery of new allegations which raise new questions. One of which is, how extensive are the issues of discrimination in all forms?

I realize some students and parents feel that the situation was blown out of proportion. Personally, I don’t feel that this is the case. A line on appropriate and inappropriate behavior needs to be drawn. I believe that Canyons School Districts investigation will determine what needs to happen. We should allow them the time to deal with the situation and make any actions they deem suitable. I give them my support and a vote of confidence.

While many people are angered that we have spoken out on this issue, many more have expressed gratitude for providing a platform where Hispanic, Jewish, African American, Caucasian, Asian, Pacific Islanders, people of different religious beliefs and sexual orientation(s), where their stories can be shared and have their voices heard.


Sam Cosby

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6 Responses to Reaction to new allegations of alleged discrimination at Alta High School

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  2. Katie says:

    I am reading a lot about how Larz is to blame for “going to the media”, “ruining a kid’s life”, and “blowing things out of proportion.” First of all, have you ever tried to “go to the media?” It’s not easy to get the interest of a news station, much less all the major local stations. The only time they get involved is when there is a story. Did they get involved after Larz posted his blog about the incident? No. They only became involved after they noticed so much reaction to Larz’s blog. That’s right, the very people who are posting negative comments about Larz getting the media involved are the ones who actually got the media involved. If you want this situation to go away, quit making comments! But you won’t, because you feel strongly about the situation–which is exactly why it needs to be addressed. Larz felt strongly about what happened at school so he wrote about it. Everyone who posted a comment has done the same thing, so quit pointing fingers.

    As far as “ruining a kid’s life” (and I leave the name out intentionally)–his friends have done more harm than Larz ever could. Larz never mentioned his name in the story. The media has never mentioned his name in their reports. The only people who are mentioning his name are his supposed friends. His friends are also the people who have repeatedly said things like, “It was just a joke. It was in poor taste, but it was directed at the seniors.” In other words, even his friends recognized the reference to the KKK–but it was only a joke, right?

    As far as Larz “blowing it out of proportion”, what exactly was he supposed to do? Sit there and take it? Several people mentioned being able to take care of it behind closed doors with the administration. As I understand it, the administration DID speak to the student involved, and then released him back to class with no repurcussions. At that point there was much laughing over the incident and even subsequent Facebook posts about how funny it was. Those are the things that prompted further action from Larz and his family. So when you are quick to say, “he could have handled it differently” or “the kid has tried to apologize” or “this is being blown out of proportion”, I agree — if the Administration had acted appropriately or if the student involved had immediately apologized and if his “friends” hadn’t continued to laugh over the situation–we would not be where we are now. Be careful who you blame for this being front page news.

  3. Barry says:

    It is about time someone speaks up. Good Job Larz. I am a white male who recently moved here from another state. I have lived in the south in grade school and I have lived in the western states where there is a good mixture of race. I read some of the posts on Larz blog and I cannot believe the hate comments that are on there. I would bet that most of these comments come from kids who profess to be the popular religion here in utah(i am also an active member of that popular religion). Anyone who says those hateful things is not LDS in the eyes of God and they are not Christian of any religion. These people obviously don’t believe in their own religion and they don’t believe in the scripture, “love thy neighbor as thyself.” Not only did it take courage for Larz to say something for the non-white community, but he is also educating and helping these hateful whites in utah. In any other state that kid would have been taken out of the assembly immediately and disciplined by the administration. Off campus there would a lot of retaliation, he would be lucky to be alive, they kill people for less than that anywhere else. You take someones parking spot or cut someone off on the freeway you can be in danger of getting hurt or killed no matter what race you are. It isn’t just the kid that needs discipline and education on respect for others, but this whole state. I am sorry that this kid had to be the one to be made an example of but he cannot blame anyone but himself and his family for not teaching him correct principles. I am more sorry for anyone of color who has to put up with such selfishness. They do not care about anyone but themselves. I haven’t experienced racism like your family has but I have experience prejudice to a small degree and it is very hurtful. If there is anything I can do to help in your cause please let me know. I am sorry that you have to live here and put up with these hateful people but I hope that this experience will change things for the better. Best Wishes!

  4. concerned says:

    I sent a copy of the boys blog to the local newspaper once I read it and saw the responses from other kids ranging from threats to intimidation. Apparently others in the news already knew of and were posting on the story.

    Your son is strong to stand up against this. The reason why this happens is because people stay silent. My parents and even myself lived through horrible racism at there school but when they wanted to stand up against it were told “just relax, its just jokes…dont be one of those types of n-words!” This needs to be stopped, and it is a type of cyber bullying that few in the media speak of.

  5. There are more people that support you and your son than you know. What a brave and intelligent son you have raised. You should be proud!

  6. Fowelpit says:

    Ohhhghhh will racism ever end! America is about equality freedom and respect of every given person. At least I thought that’s what the constitution said, or was that JFK???? Either way it’s said that rocks and concrete get treated with more respect and equality. If we have the capacity as human beings to create the atomic bomb than you would pray we have the capacity to change and stop racism in any form or fashion and that’s what humans or suppose to do, right evolve. We are no longer monkeys we are men lets act like it!!!!!!!!!

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